What it is: An automated media solutions service.
Why: To give journalists freedom.
From what: From the need to write news that the bot can write.
Why do they need it: To do real journalism, write stories, analytics, interviews, etc.

BotBot has two main products:

  • BotBot News — a bot that writes news.
  • Coming soon! BotBot Tools — a set of automatic tools for journalists, editors and companies..

BotBot News

It would be great to catch traffic on fast and relevant news that no one spent a minute writing, wouldn’t it? And this is really possible.

What kind of news could it be?

  • Sports: results, tables, movement of the team in dynamics, various tops and rankings based on data (football, hockey, basketball).
  • Traffic accidents: daily summary with data analysis, identification of trends by streets, time of day, the most dangerous areas in the city.
  • Stock market: summaries for a certain period of time for stock exchanges, companies, graphs, trends.
  • Events: daily, weekly and monthly summaries.
  • Elections: information about elections at different levels and in any geographic location.
  • Data-digests: text plus data sets on a topic with their visualization.

And all this can be not just in the format of numbers, tables and graphs, but also with text.

Why do newsrooms need such a bot?

  • Freeing up resources: materials that generate traffic are written without the involvement of people who can be used for more skilled tasks.
  • Efficiency: news on the specified topics are released instantly.
  • Promptness of information sourcing: journalists will be among the first to know something important.
  • Scalability: the ability to start new sections and projects without having to hire new people.
  • Accuracy and clarity: information is published without evaluation or interpretation, without bias; news written by a robot will not require fact-checking because it is based solely on data, numbers and facts.

What can the bot already do?

  • Search for the necessary data for the news.
  • Collect data into specified data templates (tables, graphs, charts).
  • Choose the necessary content template.
  • Assemble text and data according to a content template.
  • Save news in drafts or publish at a specified time.
  • Search content by specified keywords and their combinations.
  • Work in any language.
  • Write news in 9 seconds.
  • Work without reference to the CMS, that is, on any site.

What’s next?

  • New topics on which our bot will write news: sports, traffic accidents, information from the stock markets and a current events guide.
  • In the near future we will stop using templates and will generate the text with the help of a neural network which we named “Snezhana” and which is currently under development. 
  • Content distribution. The bot will help with content distribution.

How does it work?

The system collects data from the necessary resources → Selects the desired news template → Constructs graphs, tables, charts → Distributes data according to the template → Generates news (title, author, illustration, news body) → Saves a draft or publishes news at the scheduled time.

Have we got any examples?

Sure! A test bot writes a daily coronavirus digest on the website of the online magazine Zvezda. Take a look. Also we are testing the bot for New Kaliningrad — have a look. We are testing the first version on other resources as well. Recently we’ve finished our football bot — here is what it is doing.

BotBot Tools

Coming soon! A set of tools for editorial offices and journalists.

  • Notifications for journalists on necessary events (including alerts from public procurement auctions, courts etc).
  • Topic popularity analyzer on the website (connections between keywords and traffic). So you can determine which topics are more popular and in what context, which authors are more popular.
  • Thematic content aggregator: data collection by keywords, link analysis between keywords (people, events), connotation.

Is it interesting for you? Contact us: hi@botbot.media or via telegram — @BotBotMedia.

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