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We create bots that write news and help reporters

No Human — No Cry

It would be great to catch traffic on fast and relevant news that no one spent a minute writing, wouldn’t it? And this is really possible.

BotBot News: We create bunch of bots that writes news to give journalists freedom to do real journalism: write stories, analytics, interviews, etc.

BotBot Assistant: We help journalists to get proper context for the pieces.

BotBot Alert: We help reporters to be up-to-date.

Why do newsrooms need this bots?

Freeing up resources: materials that generate traffic are written without the involvement of people who can be used for more skilled tasks.

Efficiency: news on the specified topics are released instantly.

Promptness of information sourcing: journalists will be among the first to know something important.

Scalability: the ability to start new sections and projects without having to hire new people.

Accuracy and clarity: information is published without evaluation or interpretation, without bias; news written by a robot will not require fact-checking because it is based solely on data, numbers and facts.

BotBot News
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Odds, results and match stats

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Stock Market

News about companies and markets

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Road Accidents

Crashes, dangerous places and times

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Daily, weekly, monthly events digests

What It Is?

BotBot News can write news. It searches for the necessary data, assembles text and data according to content templates and can publish it. It takes only 9 second to write the news. No CMS needed — BotBot News works on any website and in any language.

BotBot News also is a content distribution system based on platforms’ data analysis (it can propose platforms, formats, schedule to make distribution more effective in terms of traffic and audience engagement).

How does it work?

The system collects data from the necessary resources Selects the desired news template Constructs graphs, tables, charts → Distributes data according to the template Generates news (title, author, illustration, text, visualisation) Saves a draft or publishes news at the scheduled time.

BotBot Assitant

What is it?

BotBot Assistant  — is a service that will assist journalist and help them to get proper context for the pieces (data, profiles, other news on the topics). It will collect the information and pack it for usage.

BotBot Alarm

What is it?

BotBot Alarm  — Notifications on the events, news etc. I.E. News from courts, realty, some auctions, crime reports from the police etc.

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