BotBot Custom

Yes we create a set of bots, but maybe you need custom development? Take a look at what our bots can already do and what we can do individually for you.

Contact the team: or telegram @BotBotMedia.

The result of all that is written below — news for your website, created without human assistance. And journalists, in the meantime, will be able to deal with more important stories.

Sports news (football, hockey, basketball):

  • Before the game: statistics and bookmakers’ predictions for the two playing teams. Example.
  • After the game: basic information about the match (score, lineups, replacements, team statistics, standings at the end of the match, etc.). Example.
  • Match Day results: the results of all matches of the Match Day, the championship table, the scorers’ race. Example.

News based on data monitoring:

  • Daily monitoring of COVID 19 incidence data in any city, country and world. Example.
  • Stock and foreign exchange market: changes in the value of stocks, indices, currencies. You can track one security or several securities at once.
  • Elections: tracking of election data in the region, comparison of data on different parameters. 
  • Traffic accidents: summary of accidents for the required period, data analysis (the most accident-prone locations in the city, accidents by time of day, the main causes of accidents).
  • Any other news based on data monitoring from open sources.

Information aggregators:

  • Selection of news by topic and source (digests): collection of news by topic from different sources, analysis of recurring news, compilation of ratings and news summaries by various parameters (for example, the number of mentions of characters, brands, events, etc.).

Notifications by e-mail and/or messengers for journalists:

  • Data on public procurements (for example, if lots with certain parameters have appeared).
  • Data from commercial and private real estate websites (when lots with certain parameters appear).
  • Data from the websites of courts of all instances on the necessary cases.